Best Gaming Desks in 2019

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Gamers have several accessories or supplies that they must buy before they can start playing. Of course, you will need a gaming machine. Whether it is a laptop, PC, or a console, that is the first thing you must have. You will also need a display that can be a TV or monitor. Now, there is one underrated item that is supposedly the most important, and that is a table/desk.

Whenever you are choosing the best gaming desk, the main thing you should consider is space. Plenty of space will allow you to set up several accessories and equipment to facilitate your gaming experience. Plus, more space means that you will have an easy time to locate your items.

Top 10 Gaming Desks

So, which are the best PC gaming desks out there? Here are some of the top 10 units to consider:

  1. Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S

Our first desk is the Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S, which comes with a streamlined design to offer you a strong gaming platform. We noticed the large surface that measures 44.5-inches by 24.2-inches. If you have plenty of gaming equipment and accessories, this baby will comfortably accommodate them.

This table is made with carbon fiber textured surface that offers a strong grip and feels good too. The best part is that it won’t accumulate dirt or offer a sticky surface.

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S

It also comes with two legs that are designed to offer stable support. If you want a desk that is open without too much compartment, then this one would suit you perfectly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a compartment or other holding sections like other desks on this list. But on the bright side, it offers you plenty of space to set up your relevant gaming equipment and accessories without worrying about the space.

Plus, there is a special attachment that is designed to hold several games, along with two controllers. If you want to drink something when playing your games, feel free to do so. There is a cup holder that sits off the side of the table.

But here is the best part of all (which is also different from most desks): it comes with LED lights that run along the sides of the desk. They will glow if you plug the table into the USB port on your computer. This enhances the aesthetics, but it also offers some ambient light as you play.


  • Spacious surface
  • Metal legs for strong support
  • Attachment for hooking up gaming CDs, controllers, and headset
  • LED lighting on the sides
  • Sturdy Z-shape design


  • It is very heavy, at 40 pounds


  1. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

If you are looking for a table with a rich aesthetics, one from Arozzi Arena would be your perfect pick. This model comes with a spacious surface that offers enough room for setting up plenty of gaming accessories.

It comes with an amazing 63-inch length and a width of 33 inches. Even the profligate gamers would enjoy using this desk. The desk comes with a microfiber cloth surface, which also plays as a mouse pad. In other words, you will not have to purchase a mouse pad when you have this table.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Plus, there is a net under the table that allows you to hide the cables to make the place look tidy. We loved how easy it was to set up this table. It comes in three separate parts, along with two legs. So, you won’t have a difficult time setting it up.

This desk is built to last, and it is also quite easy to move around with it. If you want to travel somewhere and don’t want to leave the desk behind, simply dismantle it and load it to your vehicle. We also loved how you can adjust the height to fit your preferences.

The slightly curved front bezels allow you to move closer to the desk without many limitations. Furthermore, there are three cutouts on the desk, which lets you pass the cables through the desk without it looking clumsy.


  • Easily washable
  • Easy to set up
  • The surface is a customized mouse pad
  • Long-lasting material
  • Spacious surface
  • Stylish design


  • It is expensive


  1. Walker Edison Soreno

If you are on a tight budget but you still want a reliable gaming desk, this Walker Edison Soreno desk should be one to consider. It looks expensive but comes at a very affordable price. The sleek design will make you want to game on this desk all day long.

The table is made of tempered glass, and it comes with a polished finish that is quite glossy as well. It also comes with a sturdy powder-coated steel frame. It means that the table will remain strong while resisting corrosion or rust from water spills when cleaning.

Walker Edison Soreno

This desk will keep your legs free and offers you enough space to stretch out while seated. There is a CPU stand, along with a keyboard tray on this unit. You will get plenty of workspaces and the desk itself can support several game consoles and monitors.

It is also one of the gaming PC desks that are easy to set up and customize. We thought the 51-by-51-inch surface was big enough for your gaming gear. Plus, you can keep two side pieces separately if you want smaller desks. But you can use it as a single unit if you have enough space in the room.


  • L-Shaped for saving space
  • Can be used two pieces separately
  • Glossy look
  • CPU stand is included
  • Easy to set up and customize


  • The keyboard tray is small
  • Tricky cable management


  1. Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

This is yet another amazing gaming desk that comes at a friendly price. Any gamer would love using this unit because it offers plenty of storage capabilities. There is also a power strip holder that helps you hook up the cables.

DVD holders are also included on both sides of the desk. You can store 5 gaming disks on each side. We thought that was reliable enough.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

Even better, there is a nice drink holder on the side of the desk too. If you tend to spill drinks on your table too many times, this feature would come in handy for you. There is also a game set/headphone holder on the opposite end of the desk. This allows you to hang your headsets when you are not using them.

By the way, there’s also a mobile phone holder that you can use when charging your phone or when you simply want to put your phone in a safe place. You can also place your tablet in the holder. We loved the slight lip at the bottom of the holder, which prevents your device from slipping from the holder.

The raised TV/monitor platform gives you a better viewing point when gaming. Two console controller holders are also on board to keep your PS and Xbox controllers securely.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Full of useful features
  • All-metal solid body
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Elevated stand with cup holder
  • It can support a 32-inch TV


  • The height is not adjustable
  • It doesn’t support curved screens


  1. Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk

This is also one of the best gaming desks that offer proper cable neatness, along with accessory storage. It won’t break your bank but still manages to offer enough features for your gaming gear. You can enjoy some amazing features like headphone stands, along with DVD storage slots. By the way, the DVD slots come on a wire-framed CD holder.

Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk

If you will be using some speakers on the desk, there is a holder on each side at your disposal. There is also a display shelf that you can place a small TV or a gaming monitor. A headphone holder is also allocated on the right-hand side of the desk. Furthermore, you will get a controller holder with the DPAD style. No need for leaving your game controllers hanging around.

Any game lover would love the diagonal serrated texture on the surface of the table. You can already guess what this feature helps with. To get the message clear, it helps to offer you a good grip and also act as a mouse pad. This feature also makes it easy to clean the table and maintain it accordingly.

We loved the aesthetic of this table since it is clean and has a super slick design. This one also boasts of a drink/cup holder, though it is not located on the surface of the table. This holder is located down the leg of the desk, which isn’t bad at all. It is a plus because it prevents accidental knock-over of drinks that might damage your electronics.


  • Features a cable management tray
  • Minimal assembly needed
  • Slick design
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Textured surface


  • Small speaker brackets
  • Not the best pick if you want a spacious desk


  1. AmazonBasics Three Piece

This AmazonBasics desk is another unit among the best PC gaming desks. As the name suggests, it comes with three pieces that can be used separately. It is a corner desk table that comes with an L-shaped design to conserve space. If you have a confined space, you can use it in the L-shaped design.

AmazonBasics Three Piece

This one comes with a sturdy design, and it can hold a heavy monitor without any problem. There are crossbeams under the desk, which offers more support. Unfortunately, these can minimize your resting space.

It is important to mention that the table comes with a tinted black glass with a nice touch. The major drawback of this glass surface is that it is vulnerable to damages.

There is a handy underside rack that you can use to store loose cables and gaming DVDs. You can also drop the cables behind the curve in the back of the corner to hide the ugliness. If you are more than one person in the house and you wanted two or three different tables, just split this one and do what you have to do.


  • Pull-out drawers for storing cables and gaming DVDs
  • It can hold three monitors at once
  • Low-cost
  • Strong metallic legs
  • Smooth tinted glass top


  • Cleaning it can be challenging
  • Your legs can get caught in the metal poles


  1. Need Computer 63-Inch Gaming Desk

If you have nothing but enough space to stock up multiple gaming gears, this one should be one of your top picks. The desk comes with an amazing surface of 63-inches by 23.7-inches. The large surface offers plenty of working area.

The surface is made of environmental E1 standard wood, which is very easy to clean. Besides that, the surface is scratch-resistant and waterproof as well. This means that you won’t have to worry about the accidental spills on it or it soaking up water.

Need Computer 63-Inch Gaming Desk

The table comes with a thick metal frame that is thicker than most frames out there. This one helps to offer enough support to the desk. Unfortunately, it will also make the table extra heavy. We loved how easy it was to assemble this desk. All you need is install 4 legs with the hex key. It will take you roughly five to ten minutes. All in all, it is very easy to set this table up.

The legs of the table are adjustable, which proves handy when you have an uneven floor. The steel frame is powder-coated to prevent corrosion and rust.


  • It is made with high-quality materials
  • Easy to set up
  • The legs have grommets at the base
  • It is sturdy
  • There is plenty of space available


  • The legs are somewhat wobbly


  1. Gaming Corner L Shaped Desk

This table comes with an L-shaped design that is perfect to place in the corner. There is a wide surface that lets you use it differently. You can use it as an office table or gaming desk.

The desk is made of a steel frame that is strong and durable as well. This assures you of sure support with your table. It is made of a thick toughened glass that comes with innovative technology. The steel frame is also thick enough. If you want some adjustment with the leg pads, simply do so on this desk. This means that you can adjust the height of the table to match your preference.

Gaming Corner L Shaped Desk

It also works perfectly when using it on an uneven floor. The installation and cleaning of this desk are effortless. In just a few minutes, you can be sure of a stable table for your gaming gear. The overall design of this unit is minimalistic, but also modern enough. This one is made of a combination of glass and metal.

The free CPU stand gives you an easy time when setting up your gaming PC. There is also a keyboard tray underneath that you can use to store your keyboard or other mobile devices. Luckily, this table can be placed just about anywhere around the house.


  • Enough legroom
  • It has plenty of space on the surface
  • The L-shaped design is space-saving
  • Easy to manage cables on this one
  • Sturdy and modern design


  • The glass surface is susceptible to fingerprints


  1. Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

This is another top-rated PC gaming desk that is designed with a minimalistic and contemporary design. It is also easy to set up this desk, which shouldn’t give you a headache.

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

The Origami desk comes with a two-part set up that is lightweight and easy to move around the room as well. This one is durable enough to be used daily without it becoming weak. But there is one feature that makes this table a top pick over other PC gaming tables. That one feature is the foldability. You can fold up this table and store it if you are not using it or when you need to move with it.

The best part is that the installation and dismantling of this table don’t require any tool. The top is removable, which allows you to move it around with ease. There is enough surface space to stock up a couple of gaming gear.

The bottom section also comes with an elevated platform that lets you store the PC tower below the desk. This means that you won’t have to place the CPU on the floor. In other words, your CPU will be safe from grime and dust.


  • Easily portable
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • No tools needed for assembly
  • It is easy to fold up for storage
  • The surface is removable
  • Enough space and it can hold up heavy items comfortably


  • Doesn’t have a keyboard tray
  • Limited attachments/compartments


  1. Couchmaster Cycon

Are you a couch-potato and you prefer gaming on your highly-comfortable couch? Well, guess what? You can do so while making use a table that is designed to be used on the couch. Here is the Couchmaster Cycon that is a lap desk designed to offer you enough space to set up your keyboard and mouse.

Couchmaster Cycon

It doesn’t accommodate a TV or monitor, but you can be sure of a comfortable platform to place your keyboard and mouse. It is made of highly-quality leather and microfiber to enhance comfort and durability.

Plus, there are some storage spaces that you can use to tuck in the cords and other trinkets. This ergonomic design will reduce the strain on your back and neck because you won’t have to hunch over the tabletop. There are some large cushions on each side of the table, which help to support your arms. This also means that you won’t experience shoulder muscle pain after long gaming sessions.

This desk comes with an integrated USB 3.0 hub for connecting your headset, keyboard, and mouse. No power supply is needed.


  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Elegant ergonomic design
  • Highly comfortable
  • Included pockets and storage spaces
  • Cushions on the side for armrests


  • It is not a full desk


Gaming Desk Setup

Assuming that you have finally found the best PC gaming desk, what is the next thing you should do? Setting it up is what is left at this point. Here is a guide to help you:

  • Unboxing/Assembling

First off, you will need to unbox the table once you receive. Make sure you do this carefully and slowly so that you don’t lose any screws or break any fragile materials like glass.

  • Start with the leg/frame

Even though you are supposed to follow the guide, it is always advised to start setting up the frame. The legs should be set to stand straight and on an even floor. If they are adjustable, ensure that they are well leveled according to the floor, then proceed to the surface.

  • Install the surface

Once you are sure that the frame/legs are firmly installed, you can now proceed to bring the top of the table. If it is made of glass, make sure that you ask for a helping hand. Generally, avoid installing the gaming table on your own because some are heavy and can be damaged or hurt you if you do it on your own.

  • Test for stability

After bringing the top of the desk, you will need to test if it is stable enough or if it is shaky. If the table is shaky, find the loose joints/screws and tighten them accordingly.

  • Check the height

Some tables come with a fixed height, while others will have an adjustable height. Regardless of the option you choose, always ensure that the height is set up perfectly. This should not be too short nor tall to affect comfort.

All in all, follow the user manual when setting up the desk.


Remember that the best gaming desk is that which is made of good-quality materials, comes with plenty of features/compartments, is spacious enough, and also highly adjustable. An easy to set up or clean desk would also be considered a good gaming table. Above all, choose the gaming desk according to how you intend to use and based on your preferences.