Best PC Gaming Chairs in 2019

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What difference does a chair make when playing video games? A chair is just a chair, right? Well, that depends on what you want to achieve when gaming. Are you a passionate gamer? Maybe you are just gaming for fun.

If you spend a couple of hours in a day playing games, then you have a thing for those video games. In this case, you will need to invest in a good gaming chair. There are many reasons for getting a good gaming chair, and one of them is to minimize back pains. But which is the best chair for gaming out there?

In this guide, you will find our top picks of the best PC gaming chairs and how you can choose the perfect chair. Let’s get down to business.

Top 10 PC Gaming Chairs Review


  1. RESPAWN-200 RSP-200-RED Racing-Style Gaming Chair

The Respawn 200 is considered to be one of the most-affordable gaming seats out there. While it may be at the pinnacle of the mid-range choices, this chair is one of the best that offers comfort.

It includes a breathable mesh back, along with exceptional lumbar support. The lumbar support is perfectly tucked behind the mesh. If you need to adjust the lumbar support, you’ll need to reach around the back and between the vents. At first, this can be tedious as you adjust it. However, you will experience incredible comfort once everything is set as you desire.

RESPAWN-200 RSP-200-RED Racing-Style Gaming Chair

It’s also worth noting that the chair doesn’t have padded armrests. This is a feature that some gamers might not love compared to other higher-end gaming chairs. Nevertheless, this should be much of a bother given the fact that the chair is super affordable.

Aside from that, you can adjust both the height and depth of the chair to enhance your comfort. If this had an in-and-out (width) adjustment, it would have been a great chair. But still, the depth and height adjustments are good enough.

You can also choose other color options if you don’t like red as it also comes in green, grey, and blue. And if you really value aesthetics more than anything else, then you might want to be very careful as this has a glossy plastic. As it is well known, plastic tends to be susceptible to scratches.


  • It comes with an elegant, glossy look
  • It is super affordable
  • Open mesh back
  • It features a high back for extra back support
  • Lumbar and neck support onboard


  • The plastic cover is susceptible to scratches
  • Doesn’t come with armrests


  1. DXRacer Office Gaming Chair Formula Series OH/FD01/N

Our second gaming chair comes from DXRacer. This one has an ergonomic design that makes it more efficient and extra comfortable. It comes with the race car seat design to ensure that you get total support when seating on it.

Other features that will make you want to choose this unit include the lumbar cushion and the headrest cushion. So yes, you can be confident of getting the needed neck and lumbar support. The car seat also comes with an extra high backrest. This feature helps to protect your neck and spinal cord.

DXRacer Office Gaming Chair Formula Series OH/FD01/N

We loved the flexible back that is adjustable to the liking of the user. You can set it to the size and angle of your choice. Now, this one comes with armrests that put it ahead of the first product on the list. The special soft armrests are completely adjustable and they help to protect your wrists and shoulders.

The best part is that the frame comes with a lifetime warranty. That assures you of durability when using the chair. The parts are on a 24-month warranty.


  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Features a nice reclining feature
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Extra-long back for neck and spinal cord support
  • Lifetime warranty on frame


  • It might feel still at first
  • The chair is slightly expensive than most units out there


  1. Anda Seat Big and Tall 400lb Dark Wizard

If you care more about the comfort of a gaming chair and you want to get more than just regular comfort, then you should go for this baby from Anda Seat.

First off, this chair comes with a large-size, memory-foam pillow. As you can already guess, that helps to give you the needed neck support. The chair comes with a high back, along with padded armrests. These features will hug each curve of your body. In turn, you will have incredible comfort when seating on this chair.

Anda Seat Big and Tall 400lb Dark Wizard

There are a detachable padded headrest and lumbar cushions on the high backrest. Be sure of a proper neck and spine support. Every part on this chair is adjustable. This means that you can adjust the height, armrests, back pressure, as well as the armrests.

The chair comes with a heavy-duty metal frame that is strong enough to hold a maximum user weight of 400 pounds. Plus, it comes with an equally heavy-duty base on smooth-rolling castors. The chair is large and overly comfortable to accommodate any game lover out there.


  • Large, memory-foam pillow included
  • Carbon fiber leather with a sleek finish
  • Supports up to 400 pounds of user weight
  • Headrest and lumbar cushions are detachable
  • Every part on it is adjustable


  • It is very heavy
  • Armrests are not padded


  1. GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office

Any gamer that is tired of lower back pains, this right here should be the right solution for you. One unique feature of this chair is the fitted lumbar pillow.

We also loved the elegant design and aesthetics of this chair. This chair is designed to offer the best gaming experience for pro gamers. This one has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. Its ergonomic design makes it one of the best units you will find out there for gaming.

GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office

The chair comes with a strong frame that helps to offer support and enhance its comfort. You can be sure of enjoying a comfortable seat even when you seat on it for several hours when gaming. The thick padded back and seat will take this chair to another comfort level.

We have to mention the smooth PU leather that covers this seat. This comes along with added seat cushion, along with lumbar and headrest pillows. The heavy-duty base and nylon smooth-rolling casters assure you of incredible stability and mobility.

This chair is also quite multi-functional. The armrest and seat height are both adjustable, and you can adjust the angles too.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion
  • Fully adjustable chair
  • Made with heavy-duty base, along with nylon smooth-rolling caster
  • Supports up to 300 pounds of user weight
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • The handlebars are slightly susceptible to damage


  1. Coavas PC Gaming Racing High Executive Chair

Our fifth gaming chair comes from Coavas, and it is the perfect essence of style and functionality. The black and white theme makes this chair look elegant in your living room or bedroom. It doesn’t look so complicated with added features, but you will truly love seating on this beast.

Coavas PC Gaming Racing High Executive Chair

The chair is made of PU Leather that is all around the seat and the armrests. So yes, your arms and elbow will be perfectly cushioned when you are on this chair. The back comes with a thick pad to assure you of unique comfort when seating on it.

This is not the perfect choice for plus-size users because it can only support a maximum of 280 pounds. If you want to know if the chair is functional enough and if it is adjustable, the simple answer to that is yes.

You can rock the chair back and forth as well as adjust the height and back. This means that you can use the chair to take a quick nap, use it in your office and generally use it for gaming.


  • The black-white theme is cool and unique
  • Easy to assemble
  • The design is simple
  • Thick cushion for extra comfort
  • Armrests are padded too


  • The head and lumbar pillows are not adjustable
  • Might not be the best choice for tall users


  1. Furmax High Back Racing-Style Gaming Chair

If you want to please the client, go the extra mile with your delivery. Furmax understands that principle, and that is why they have made their gaming chair different from other chairs out there.

First off, this gaming chair comes with an elegant blue-black theme. But that isn’t the unique feature on it. Unlike most gaming chairs out there, this chair comes with footrest for added comfort.

Furmax High Back Racing-Style Gaming Chair

Besides that, it comes with high-quality PU leather, along with thick padded and bucket seat. The combination of these features gives you an ultra-comfortable seat that will help you enjoy your gaming time. The lumbar cushion and backrest pillow are removable. You can remove them if you don’t need them on the chair.

There is a pull-out flip-over footrest is perfect for relaxing when you are taking a break during those busy days. Even when you are having an intense gaming time, this leg rest will serve you accordingly. You’d enjoy using this chair because it rocks back and forth without any limits. The backrest is completely adjustable with a 90-degree to 180-degree angle that allows you to lay on it like a bed.

This one has a weight capacity of 310 pounds, and you will get a free replacement or money-back guarantee if it doesn’t deliver accordingly within 30 days.


  • Elegant design
  • Pull-out and flip-over leg rest
  • Backrest is completely adjustable between 90 and 180 degrees
  • Supports up to 310 pounds of user weight
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Padded and adjustable armrests


  • It can take time to assemble the chair


  1. Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair

This chair has been made to perfectly fit your style. However you want to sit on it, it will serve you accordingly. The chair is also made with high-quality material to not only offer you a comfortable seating platform but also to enhance its durability.

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair

You can adjust this seat as you wish. This means that you can tilt, swivel, rock or do any other adjustment that you may want. The high-quality PU leather is dirt and fade-resistance. This means that you will have an easy time maintaining this chair.

The 4.8-inch thick high-density foam assures you of nothing but comfort when playing your games. This chair comes with a complete metal framing on a heavy-duty wheelbase. It is strong enough to support a maximum of 300 pounds.

We have to agree that this chair was designed for comfort because it can achieve a 180-degree full tilt mechanism, along with a retractable footrest. The armrest is also adjustable.

But what will catch your attention on this chair is the lumbar massage pillow that is USB powered. After the long hours on games, you can take a break as you enjoy the elegant massage on this chair.


  • Solid metal framing on a heavy-duty wheelbase
  • 12 months free replacement warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Retractable footrest
  • USB charged lumbar massage
  • Backrest can be tilted up to 180 degrees


  • The Allen key bolts can easily strip


  1. Vertagear VG-SL5000-RD S-Line 5000 Gaming Chair

This chair is made to offer you incredible comfort when playing your games for hours. One thing that makes it unique is the effortless assembly. The chair comes with a unique slide-in design that offers quick one-person installation.

Vertagear VG-SL5000-RD S-Line 5000 Gaming Chair

The steel frame is sturdy enough to last for a long time and also this will resist corrosion and rust especially when you are cleaning the house or chair with some water. The chair seats on a reinforced 5-star base that is made of a heavy-duty aluminum alloy material. This means that the chair has a solid structure to support you as you play.

There are extra accessories that make the chair extra comfortable. You will get a memory foam headrest pillow and lumbar support cushion that are both removable and adjustable. The chair is cushioned and contoured to the shape of the arm. It also can be adjusted in four different directions.


  • Sturdy design
  • Steel frame is strong and corrosion-resistant
  • Armrest and lumbar support pillows are adjustable
  • Quick slide-in installation
  • Chair is fully adjustable
  • 330-pound weight limit


  • It is pricey


  1. DXRacer Office Gaming Chair Formula Series OH/FD01/N

If you are not into a delicate, complicated-looking chair, this one would be the best choice for you. It comes with a unique, simple design, which doesn’t compromise the comfort at all.

DXRacer Office Gaming Chair Formula Series OH/FD01/N

The chair comes with an ergonomic design that is more efficient and comfortable. You get a free headrest and lumbar cushion to support your neck and spinal cord. Even after long hours of sitting on this chair, you can still experience comfort.

The chair comes with breathable material, which is a strong mesh that is equally comfortable. This also means that you will not experience excessive sweating when you seat on it. The backrest is extra high, which helps to offer extra support to your spinal cord and neck.

The special soft armrests come with an adjustment that will protect your wrists and shoulders as you play your games. We loved the lifetime warranty on the frame. You will be sure of reliability with this chair.


  • Simple design
  • Extra comfortable
  • Removable headrest and lumbar cushion
  • Extra high backrest for supporting the neck and spinal cord
  • The back is fully adjustable
  • Lifetime warranty on frame


  • The base is made of plastic


  1. Kinsal Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair

One look at this chair will tell you that it is comfortable enough. It comes with the racing car design to offer you a unique level of comfort.

Kinsal Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair

This chair comes with an ergonomic design, along with footrest to maximize the experience of using it. It means that the chair is both efficient and comfortable. Regardless of the body shape of the user, this chair will offer a decent seating platform.

It is made of a thick steel frame that makes it sturdy and stable enough. Furthermore, there is artificial leather that is skin-friendly and wear-resistant as well. This unit has high-density shaping foam and it is perfectly elastic.

You can adjust the back of this chair from between 90 degrees and 180 degrees. The lumbar pillow with massage function is another plus of this chair. Furthermore, the height of the chair is adjustable enough.


  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Large sitting area with 300-lb maximum user weight
  • Back is adjustable between 90 and 180 degrees
  • It features lumbar and headrest cushion
  • Comes with a massage function
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • The armrests are not that comfortable


How To Choose A Gaming Chair

When you step out and you are looking for the best PC gaming chair, you will need to consider a few factors. Now that you have a list of the best gaming chairs out there, it would be fair to share with you what we considered when choosing the chairs.

  • Materials

The material used to make the gaming chair is a vital aspect that you need to consider. Ideally, consider one with a steel or aluminum frame with a leather seat/cover. There should be good memory foam cushions around the seat too.

  • Ergonomics

The chair must come with a design that is meant to boost your comfort level. The chairs on our list come with the racing-car chair design to assure you of total comfort.

  • Space-saving

Most of the gaming spaces are confined, so you should equally go for a chair that won’t eat much of your space.

  • Added accessories

You need to consider other accessories that make the chair extra comfortable. In this case, you should look for features like the headrest, armrests, and lumbar support cushions too. The cushioning on these accessories must be thick enough.

  • Adjustability/Multi-Function

Ideally, go for a highly adjustable chair. This means that it should come with adjustable height, tilt, and the armrest/lumbar cushions should also be removable. This way, you can remove them if you don’t need them.

Other factors to consider include the breathability of the material, massage function, speakers, compatibility to your gaming console, brand, as well as your budget.

How to Setup A Gaming Chair

The gaming chair setup is easy, but it depends on the chair that you purchase. Generally, you simply have to unpack it from the box. Ensure that you do this carefully to avoid breaking any parts. After that, you will need to unfold the chair and hook it up to the base. You can then screw up the armrests and other parts accordingly.

Every chair comes with a manual of how to fix it. Just make sure you follow the manual carefully and do it with a friend to avoid breaking any parts. The chair might be too heavy that it may need an extra pair of hands.

How To Clean Gaming Chair

Cleaning your gaming chair helps to enhance its look and generally maintain the original look. Here is how to clean a gaming chair:

  • Confirm the type of upholstery. The chair can either be made of PU leather, PVC leather, fabric, or mesh. Check the manual to be sure of the type of material used.
  • Dust/vacuum the chair. Once you are sure of the material, you can proceed to vacuum or dusting the chair.  Mesh and fabric upholstery need vacuuming, whereas leather is good with mere dusting.
  • Use water or solvent solution to clean the upholstery. Do this if there are visible spill marks or stains. But ensure to check if the care tag is marked ‘S’ or ‘W’. The S is for Solvent-Based solution while W is for Water-Based Solvent. S/W means that you can use either of the solutions.
  • Use some rubbing alcohol to get rid of the stubborn stains
  • Use a sponge and warm water with a mild detergent to clean the armrests, frame, and base. Make sure you dry them with a dry cloth afterward.
  • Tighten any loose screws and clean the caster

You can clean the chair once every week.


So, we have come to the end of our best PC gaming chair review. We hope you have enough information to go out there and shop for the best gaming chair. Always ensure that you go for a gaming chair that meets your needs and preferences. But don’t forget that balancing your gaming time and other useful time is always wise. All in all, enjoy your gaming with the best gaming chair.